If you are contemplating a divorce or are in the process of a divorce, Envision Wealth Advisors can help. We recognize that there are three aspects to divorce: legal, financial and emotional. As a wealth management firm, we specialize in the FINANCIAL aspects by looking at the short term and long term effects of various settlement options.  We know that an equal division of property is not always an “equitable” division of property. By crunching the numbers and showing graphs of various settlement options, we can take the emotion, fear and uncertainty out of the biggest financial decision you may have to make in a lifetime.  Your future and financial security depend on making the best decisions possible.  Empower yourself with data to support your case.  We invite you and your attorney to partner with us to secure your financial future. We want you to feel good about your agreed upon settlement. We offer two types of “Custom Built” plans, Pre-Settlement and Post-Settlement.

Pre-Settlement Planning:

Our goal with pre-settlement planning is to provide the data necessary to give you and your attorney a clear assessment of various “what if” scenarios for a fair and equitable settlement.  We do this by helping you collect the data, document the data and present it in charts and graphs to support your case.

  • Identify your objectives and goals as you proceed through the divorce process
  • Prepare a statement of net worth
  • Analyze your income sources and anticipated expenses pre and post-divorce
  • Examine how alimony and child support impact your Plan
  • Help you identify and collect financial data
  • Analyze your tax return to identify forgotten or undisclosed investments
  • Identify the tax implications of various investments and how it will impact your “bottom line” settlement
  • Review insurance coverage:  medical, life and other insurance appropriate to your personal situation
  • Determine the affordability of keeping the primary residence
  • Prepare a well-organized report that integrates the above data with clear visuals and graphs to support your case

In this phase of planning, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA™) can be hired by you individually or by your attorney as a consultant or expert witness.

Post-Settlement Planning:

Post-Settlement planning is financial planning after you receive your settlement and is separate and distinct from pre-divorce planning.  In this phase of planning, we look to the future and a new beginning. In your “Custom Built” post-divorce plan, we will help you identify your goals and vision for the future. We will also forecast the long term effects of your settlement.  By reviewing and integrating all aspects of your financial life you will have clarity and action steps toward securing your financial future.


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