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Surviving Spouse – Life Planning

Experiencing the loss of a spouse may be one of life’s most painful life transitions. As the surviving spouse, you may feel emotionally vulnerable.  In addition to the personal grief, you may be experiencing fear over your financial future. This feeling can be overwhelming, especially if the deceased handled all the finances in the relationship.  Now you are on your own.  At Envision Wealth Advisors, we can help sort through the financial aspects of your life to address your short term and long term needs. We will prepare a customized retirement plan to help bring clarity to your future and create a structure to make sound financial decisions.  Taking time to step back and go through the planning process allows time to get to know your advisor and take emotions  out of the decision making process.  For over 36 years we have been helping clients through this most difficult time in life.  We invite you to partner with us to secure your financial future.


Retirement Planning